Fitness Health Club Step Riser

One person can move risers for the entire class. Conveniently stores and safely transports the original health club aerobics step risers (called “The STEP” risers). Transports up to 60 step risers. The durable cart provides easy access to allow quick and easy distribution and collection of the step risers. Convenient handles on both ends for easy pushing or pulling of the cart.

Item Code: HCSRC
Measures: 46”L x 19”W x 42”H.

Easy to assemble in minutes
Passes through any standard doorway
Heavy duty, swivel casters with 3” diameter, no-mar, rubber wheels
Locking casters secure the cart in place
All rounded edges for user safety
High quality, structural-grade, PVC plastic
Skillfully crafted in the USA
American-Made components
Economically shipped by UPS

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Item Code: HCSRC
Measures: 46”L x 19”W x 42”H.