About Us

In 1993, a physical education teacher made our first cart in his garage and the rest is history.

Who We Are

DuraCart is the inventor and leading manufacturer of PVC sport carts, ball racks and roller skate training devices.

In 1993 a physical education teacher made our first cart in his garage, because he needed to store and organize his school’s athletic equipment. Today, we are the largest US producer of ball carts, storage carts and other sports related products. Our quality is the highest in the industry, including 100% USA made materials in all our products that we produce in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They can be seen throughout the US and Canada in schools, camps, fitness centers, gyms, roller skating rinks, YMCA’s and other commercial establishments.

What Sets Us Apart

  • PVC Pipe that is rated as “Furniture Grade”. It has a beautiful glossy look that lasts for years and it is easy to clean. It is lightweight but very strong and it will not rust, corrode, chip or peel. It is bacteria resistant, has UV protection additives and is 100% lead free. It is the finest quality PVC pipe in the world and it is made here in the USA.

  • Fittings that were custom made for Duracart and are 30% larger than any others on the market. This means that are nicer looking and they have a superior fit and finish. They will last for years while maintaining their excellent quality and rich color that includes anti-fading and UV resistance additives. They are also impact resistant and are much stronger than competitors’ fittings, which are mostly made in China and other third world countries. Please see our video that documents our PVC strength.

  • Our products ship with the shelves completely assembled and include detailed instructions and glue when required. This makes them very easy to build and use. Other carts come in kits, where you must assemble them completely and supply your own glue and sometimes a little imagination and modifications.

  • Our quality standards, from our US based labor force is second to none. Starting with the raw materials, into the finished product and out the door to you from our shipping department. We use only highly durable boxes and top quality packing materials to insure your product arrives in perfect condition. If there any issue, we are always available to help with live customer service representatives to serve you.

  • Our storage carts come with all the colored baskets pictured in our catalog. They are of the highest quality, designed to stack neatly together, and fit perfectly in the carts that are specifically designed to hold them. Competitive products do not always include the baskets or have ones with poor quality when it comes to fit, finish and endurance.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and learn more about our products, company, philosophy and dedication. We are proud to serve so many wonderful customers who purchase and support our products. Please make sure wherever you are considering purchasing a cart or rack to insist on an original Duracart one that is proudly made in USA. You will be glad that you did!

As the largest US producer of ball carts, storage carts and other sports related products, please let us know how we can assist you.

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